Your carpet cleaning and your health

Home CleaningsThey say that cleaning means health. This is probably true as proper sanitation will prevent us from interacting with germs and other harmful factors. This goes especially for carpets. While owning carpet itself means healthier living, cleaning it can actually be dangerous to us if not done right. You should be careful when choosing the right:

  • Supplies
  • Materials
  • Solutions
  • Machinery

But let’s discuss the upside of putting a carpet in your home on the first place. Along with all the cosmetic advantages the carpet has more usefulness than most people realise. Thanks to the shape and density of its pile it will trap most of the dust and it won’t fall on even surfaces where it is easy to be inhaled. By staying down on the ground between the fabrics of your carpet the dust will not make its way into your mouth or nose and it will not endanger your health. Of course this is all pretty relative because a carpet cannot deal with a 100% of the particles that exist in the air of your house.

Always think twice before just applying stuff on your rug

That being said you need to regularly clean your rug if you wish not only to prolong its life but yours as well. Here’s the catch, it’s all in the way you clean it. Dry cleaning is the most preferred method of sanitation when it comes to domestic carpets. There are a few ways to do it however and many times you need to be very careful. Most of the detergents that are available in supermarkets contain strong chemicals and breathing them in or touching them can be quite harmful to you and your family. You should consult specialists every time before applying a strong solution to the surface of your rug. Try to avoid the heavy chemicals and stick with water-based detergents that are also non-toxic and environment-friendly.

There are alternatives to dry cleaning it

You can also use dry compound to get rid of dirt on your carpet. The thing is that this dry compound very much resembles soil. It will need to stay on the carpet for a few hours and will need to be not only evenly distributed but thoroughly rubbed in. It is not only time consuming but might deem your room unusable for a longer period. Eventually you need to make sure that no residue is left on the carpet. Most of this compound shouldn’t be in contact with children and you are to vacuum the whole place very carefully.

Even though it is called dry cleaning you might have to use some water or any other type of liquid especially if you decide to go with machines resembling a floor buffer. In order for them to attract and keep the dirt and dust in their brushes instead of spreading them around the room you should apply some water either on the brush or on the carpet itself and only then turn on the machine.

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The legendary King’s College London

King’s College LondonLondon, the capital of England and the United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s most famous and highly ranked universities. One of these universities is King’s College London. Many historians claim that the university is the third oldest university in England. However documents that definitively proof this claim haven’t been found to date. The university was founded by King George IV and the Duke of Wellington in 1829. It was also in 1829 that the university received its royal charter. Currently the university is ranked in 5th place in the United Kingdom, in 6th in Europe and 16th in the world.

King’s College London has an endowment of £154 million (one of the highest endowments in the United Kingdom). At the moment the university has a student body of over 25,000 and an administrative staff of over 6,000. Princess Anne is the current chancellor of the university, while Ed Byrne is the principal. The motto of the university is “Sancte et Sapienter” which translated from Latin means “With Holiness and Wisdom”.

The university has a total of five campuses spread in London. The main campus is known as Stand Campus and is the original campus of the university. The campus is located on the Strand in the City of Westminster and shares its frontage along the famous Thames River. Stand Campus houses most of the schools of Arts & Humanities, Law, Social Science & Public Policy and Natural & Mathematical Sciences. The campus is also combined with King’s Building which is a Grade I building that was built in 1831 and designed by renowned architect Sir Robert Smirke. The fact that the main campus of the university is located in the central parts of London means that the university has an easy access to all sorts of public and professional services including professional cleaning.

Guy’s Campus is home to the School of Biomedical Sciences and the School of Medicine. The campus is situated in close proximity to London Bridge on the southern bank of the Thames River. The campus is named after Thomas Guy who was the founder and benefactor of Guy’s Hospital. The campus can be easily accessed by the London Bridge Station and the Borough Tube Station.

The Waterloo Campus is located across the Waterloo Bridge in close proximity to the Strand Campus. The campus is home to the James Clerk Maxwell Building and the Franklin-Wilkins Building. The latter building was once known as Cornwall House and dates back to the early 20th century. The James Clerk Maxwell Building houses the Principal’s Office and most of the administrative offices of the university. The offices of the university are based in the Waterloo Campus because of the fact that the campus provides an easy access to professional services such as professional office cleaning services that’s where companies like Professional Cleaning London come in handy.

St. Thomas Campus is located in the London Borough of Lambeth and faces the Houses of Parliament across the Thames River. The campus houses a part of the School of Medicine and the Dental Institution. The Florence Nightingale Museum is also situated in St. Thomas Campus.

The last campus of the university is Denmark Hill Campus. The campus is the only King’s College London campus that isn’t located on the banks of the Thames River.

A spring cleaning plan that will allow you to conduct a perfect spring cleaning

Spring CleaningThe spring cleaning is undoubtedly the most time and energy consuming cleaning task that a homeowner must go through. But there is a way to facilitate the task and more important make sure that nothing has been forgotten and left dirty, best way is to call a professional like Carpet Cleaning Sidcup but there are other ways too if you want to do it yourself. The way is to follow a strict cleaning plan to the letter. If you have never drafted a spring cleaning plan before, keep calm because we will share with you our thorough spring cleaning plan.

Always commence your spring cleaning from the foyer of your house. The cleaning chores that you must conduct in the foyer are:

  • Dusting the light fixtures
  • Washing the doors, knobs, switch plates and foyer bench
  • Empty out the coat closet and wiping clean the inside of the closet.
  • Filtering out your coats and throwing away or donating all coats that you aren’t using
  • Replacing the exterior and interior door and sweeping and mopping the floor.

Next you must tackle the bedrooms in the following manner:

  • Open the windows to allow aerate the rooms and allow fresh air to enter into the rooms.
  • Just like with the coat closet, empty all bedrooms closets and drawers and clean their inside. Once again go through your clothes and decided which you will keep and which you will throw away or donate.
  • Move the bed and clean the areas that are under it and behind it. Also change the bed linens.
  • Take down the window treatments and wash them.
  • Dust the bedroom surfaces and light fixtures
  • Wash the doors, windows, and window frames. Wipe clean the mirrors.

Now it’s your bathrooms turn:

  • Empty all cabinets and clean their insides and filter their content.
  • Wash thoroughly the shower cabin, bathtub, toilet and bathroom sink.
  • If necessary wax the bathtub.
  • Wipe meticulously all bathroom surfaces.
  • Shine the faucets and replace the bathroom towels.
  • Wipe clean the mirror and wash the switch plates and bathroom door.
  • Wipe clean the walls and mop the floor.

And now the kitchen:

  • Open the kitchen window and empty the kitchen cabinetry to clean it and filter the content.
  • Wash all kitchen appliance from the inside and outside
  • Empty your refrigerator and throw away all rotten and expired foods.
  • Wash the door, windows, window frames, knobs, cabinet handles, and switch plates.
  • Mop the floor and wipe clean the kitchen isle.

End the spring cleaning with the living room:

  • Open the windows and dust the living room furniture
  • Wipe clean all wooden surfaces and wash the furniture upholstery
  • Clean the fireplace and wipe clean the mantel
  • Vacuum the living room floor and carpet

If all this seems too much for you, you can always use professional spring cleaning services. Know that you won’t have a hard time finding such services because nowadays a multitude of cleaning companies offer the service at very cost effective prices.

Whether you will handle the spring cleaning on your own or not, the important thing is to do it and not neglect it because living in a dirty household isn’t an option.

The University of Glasgow

The University of GlasgowEverybody has heard of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge because they are the finest in the United Kingdom and perhaps the finest in the world. But the United Kingdom has many more top notch universities which offer a first-rate higher education and the University of Glasgow is one of them.

The University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest university in the English speaking world and is one of the four ancient universities of Scotland. The university was founded in 1451 and follows the motto “Via, Veritas, Vita” which translated in English means “The Way, The Truth, The Life”. The University of Glasgow is classified as a public university and has an endowment of almost 154 million (the fifth largest endowment in the United Kingdom). Sir Kenneth Calman is the current chancellor of the university, while Edward Snowden and Anton Muscatelli are respectively the rector and principal of the university.

At the moment the university has an administrative staff of over 6,000 and student staff of over 23,000 of whom approximately 17,000 are undergraduates and another 6,500 are postgraduates. The university has a total of ten faculties which are:

  • Faculty of Arts- The faculty is the largest in the university and is divided into 18 departments such as archaeology, English language, English literature, history, music, philosophy, theatre, film and television studies and so on.
  • Faculty of Biomedical and Life Sciences- The faculty is divided into 17 departments such as anatomy, biotechnology, microbiology, physiology, plant science, pharmacology, zoology and so on.
  • Faculty of Education- The faculty is divided into 4 departments which are religious education, educational studies, curriculum studies and adult and continuing education.
  • Faculty of Engineering- The faculty is divided into 5 departments which are civil engineering, naval architecture and marine engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, and electronics and electrical engineering.
  • Faculty of Information and Mathematical Science- the faculty is divided into 4 departments which are statistics, psychology, mathematics and computing science.
  • Faculty of Law, Business and Social Science- The faculty is divided into 14 departments such as accounting and finance, economics, school of law, politics, urban studies and so on.
  • Faculty of Medicine- the faculty is divided into 8 departments such as cancer sciences and molecular pathology, dental school, cardiovascular and medical sciences, clinical neuroscience and so on.
  • Faculty of Physical Sciences- the faculty is divided into 3 departments which are chemistry, geographical and earth sciences and physics and astronomy.
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine- this is the smallest faculty in the university with only one department which is veterinary pathology.
  • Faculties of Science Support Unite- The section of the university comprised of three individual faculties which are the Faculty of Biomedical and Life Sciences, the Faculty of Physical Sciences and the Faculty of Information and Mathematical Sciences.

The main campus of the university is located in the district of Hillhead. The fact that the campus is located within Glasgow means that all students have an easy access to the public and professional services of the city including professional cleaning services. We are highlighting professional cleaning services, because with access to such services the students will be able to maintain their dorm rooms clean and tidy more easily.

As you can see the University of Glasgow is indeed one of the finest higher education institutions of the United Kingdom and more importantly is a university that can help you reach your professional goals.